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My videos and other media are often find there way into the press. In addition to those created for my own interests, there are also many I have created to augment my marketing and PR work for others.

Click for indices of articles and features on Create Digital Music, Synthtopia and MATRIXSYNTH.

A selection of pre-ExperimentalSynth activities can be found here.

 Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer

I was Marketing Director for Vo Inventions during the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer Kickstarter campaign and beyond. [I was not involved in the Wond Kickstarter campaign]

It was nice to see these in my Facebook stream during the campaign.

Gizmodo Vo-96

Gizmodo - Vo-96


Top Vo-96 Coverage

Gizmodo 4/9/13 – How Inventor Paul Vo Created a Little Black Box That Could Change Guitars Forever

Gizmodo 2/18/13 – Paul Vo Has Made an Entirely New and Impossibly Awesome Instrument

Gizmodo 6/13/13 – Remember Paul Vo?

Gizmag 4/12/13 – Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer takes crowdfunding route to production

Engadget 4/10/13 – Moog’s Paul Vo takes his Vo-96 “acoustic synthesizer” prototype to Kickstarter

Huffington Post 4/17/13 – New Sounds From Acoustic Guitars With The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer

Mashable 4/17/13 – Acoustic Guitar Add-On Gives the Instrument New Range

Der Spiegel 5/9/13 – Der Acoustic Synthesizer Vo-96 von soundtueftler Paul Vo

GuitarPlayer 4/12/13 – Kickstarting the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer

GuitarPlayer 6/13/13 – Vo-96 Now Available on

Create Digital Music 2/18/13 – Guitar Innovation, Then And Now: Paul Vo Reinvents Fretless, Acoustic Guitars

Create Digital Music 5/8/13 – How an “Acoustic Synth” Wants to Change The Way You Think About Guitars

Synthtopia 2/18/13 – The Vo-96 Acoustic Synth Opens Up New World Of Acoustic Synthesis

Synthtopia 4/14/13 – Acoustic Synth Jam, Featuring Tyler Ramsey & Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer

Synthtopia 5/3/13 – Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer Sound Demos

Synthtopia 6/14/13 – Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer campaign update

Synthtopia 3/6/13 – Vo-96 Acoustic Synth Improvisation, By ExperimentalSynth’s Chris Stack

SonicState 2/19/13 – Acoustic Guitar Synth

Asheville Citizen-Times 5/9/13 – Inventor blazes trail with instrument innovation


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Featured on the DSI Website

DSI Pro 2

Let Me Tell Your Story

Chris Stack Content
Video Production
PR & Copy Writing

Graphic Design : Photography
Web Design & Management

Audio Production

continuucon IRCAM

A Look Back at ContinuuCon


The first Haken Continuum Conference took place in Asheville on June 9-11, 2016. Check out the wrap-up [go there]


Chris Stack Xenography Album

“…an album of inspired soundscapes. Feel free to stream it first if you have any doubts. Rest assured that mere seconds into the first track, you will know that you are in capable hands.” - Ted Stahl

On “Xenography” a vast array of synthesizers, piano, nylon string guitar, Moog Guitar, shakuhachi and voices pure and processed, come together to create a soundtrack for travels to oblique destinations.

Learn more about my musical endeavors at


I just released/reissued an album of old/new improvisations for piano and synth. [learn more]

Piano jewel case front_2

Art + Music + Technology Podcast

I was recently interviewed for Darwin Grosse's podcast series. He has some great interviews in his collection. I'm very proud to be in such good company.
[listen here]

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