littleBits Synth Kit

Synthesis building blocks

Connecting littleBits Synth Kit to the larger world of audio gear generated some very musical results. With an external sequencer like Koushion driving it, you have both hands free for knobs and switches. With some creative patching and a little extra gear, it was easy to make a highly synchronized music production environment.

Ableton provided the master MIDI clock for the Koushion step sequencer app (connected to the iMac by an iConnectMIDI2+). This gave a quick interactive composition user interface, and the trigger from the littleBits MIDI Module was used to clock the Micro Sequencer Module controlling the Filter Module’s cutoff frequency.

LittleBits + Koushion + Ableton

The littleBits system is the only audio source in this video. Its audio output was run into Ableton for effects processing. Since Ableton’s tempo-based effects were synced to the same clock as Koushion and the littleBits Micro Sequencer, complex, yet cohesive sounds are easy to create, and sound great.

littleBits + DSI Pro 2 :: CV Applications

The littleBits CV Module’s Control Voltage input and output allows littleBits systems to modulate and be modulated by a world of electronic music equipment. Everything from large modular synthesizers to new small analog synths, even some effects pedals are fair game.

In these examples a Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 is used.  The Pro 2 is a Control Voltage powerhouse, with four assignable CV ins and outs (8 total) making it the perfect test rig to push the littleBits farther into modular synth territory.

LittleBits CV Module

littleBits + Moog Voyager :: CV Applications

Combine a LittleBits Micro Sequencer, CV and Power module and you have a fun, low cost CV Step Sequencer. It can be used with littleBits equipment, or can enhance other CV synth systems.  Here are a few examples of the possibilities when used with a Moog Voyager and CP-251 Control Voltage Processor.

littleBits + Arturia MicroBrute :: CV Applications

Explore the Control Voltage techniques possible when combining a littleBits Synth Kit with an Arturia MicroBrute. The MicroBrute has a large number of CV connection points for a small, low cost synth.  littleBits Synth Kit’s new CV module enables the creation of very flexible synths and CV controllers; a great combination.

In addition to a simple littleBits CV step sequencer, other creations include a dual output CV controller with synced step and S&H LFO outputs; a simple noise source; and a complete subtractive synthesizer whose filter is step-sequenced by the MicroBrute’s Pitch CV output.

littleBits MicroBrute

littleBits MicroBrute

littleBits + Arturia MicroBrute :: Rhythm Generator

In this video littleBits is used to make a three output device (CV Step Sequence, Gate and Noise) that makes a fun Rhythm Generator when combined with an Arturia MicroBrute.  The MicroBrute sequencer is not used in this configuration, and tempo is controlled by a knob on the littleBits Micro Sequencer.

MicroBrute littleBits

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