David Torn

Just Announced! – Internationally acclaimed composer, guitarist, and music producer David Torn in an Asheville-area house concert at Streamside.

David is known for the organic blending/manipulation of electronic and acoustic instruments and performance techniques that have an atmospheric or textural quality and effect. He is particularly well known for his influence on the development of looping effects.

Torn has contributed to recordings by artists including David Bowie, K.D. Lang, John Legend, Madonna, Tori Amos, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin, and many others. He has produced a Grammy-winning recording for Jeff Beck, as well as recordings for Tim Berne, Drew Gress, and many others. In addition to his composition work, David’s recordings have been featured in a number of films, including Friday Night Lights, Velvet Goldmine, Adaptation, The Big Lebowski, The Departed, Fur, The Hoax, Kalifornia, Traffic, Reversal of Fortune, Tibet, and Three Kings. He studied with Leonard Bernstein (within the “Music for Young Composers” series), as well as with guitarists John Abercrombie, Pat Martino, Paul Weiss and Arthur Basile. Torn works out of his personal studios, known as Cell Labs; occasionally, he uses the pseudonym “splattercell.”

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Potluck at 6:30pm (BYOB) – music follows

Suggested donation: $25 RSVP [here]

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